Four national records in 24 hours for vegan runner

Vegan runner Gareth Pritchard has added to his achievements with several extreme distance national records.

19 April 2023

The Welshman has represented Great Britain at the European Championships and has taken wins at the Hardmoors 160 and the Endure24 24 hour race.

Gareth was competing at the Crawley 24 hour track race where he took the win and four records in just one day. He ran almost 258 km (160 miles), winning by 9.5 km. This beat the 13 year old Welsh record for the further distance covered in 24 hours (any surface). He also beat the 12 hour record along the way, and the fastest 100 miles and 200 km on track.  The last three have not been verified officially yet.

Gareth and his wife Catherine have been vegan since December 2018. “Gareth’s original motivation was for his health and fitness, ultimately to improve his performance and recovery” Catherine told us “…. and it paid off!”

“Soon after the transition though it became as much about the animals after we watched Dairy is Scary, Cowspiracy as well as Game Changers and more recently Horror at Hogwood.”

During the race Gareth ate sports gels, sports bars to Kendal mint cake, confectionary, vegan sausage rolls, pasta and jam sandwiches.

He’s a prolific runner with some great times at extreme distances and much shorter runs like 5 km parkruns. Gareth wears his Vegan Runners vest at every opportunity, including during the new national records and loves the conversations it leads to!

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