British record lift for vegan lifter

Sophia Ellis has pushed back the boundaries with a phenomenal deadlift at the British Championships.

31 March 2022

The vegan lifter added nearly 7kg to her deadlift to record a 237.5 kg deadlift in the 76 kg Open Classic category. The mammoth lift was over three times her bodyweight.

It was a new British record for the 26-year-old. She also impressed with a 170 kg squat and a bench press of 118 kg. The bench press was also a British record.

Sophia’s deadlift was the heaviest Deadlift by a female in British Powerlifting history. The record stands as a new British record Deadlift in Classic & Equipped. It actually surpasses recorded equipped lifts, when competitors are allowed to use wraps and other support enabling them to achieve greater lifts.

“So many emotions after this lift” Sophia said. “I still can’t quite believe how fast this deadlift moved, I just remember thinking ‘it’s moving.. better hold on to it!’”

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