24 hour win for vegan runner

Harvey Lewis seems to move from adventure to another.  He's just competed in the D3 24 hour race and taken the win.  It was the first time he's run on a track this year.

19 May 2023

The vegan runner completed 135 miles (217 km) to win by over 19 miles.  The track-based run was a bit different for Harvey who has some notable results off road.  These include trail wins and course records including two wins at the Badwater Ultramarathon.  He’s also broken the world record for the backyard format, running a 4.17 mile loop every hour for 85 hours.

Eating fruit, soup and biscuits for fuel, Harvey incredibly ran some sub-8 minute miles in the last year.  The last mile was an astonishing 6:07!

Now he’s hoping to qualify for the 24 hour world championships.  Last year’s run of 149 miles in 24 hours places him among the top in the country and likely to make to the team.

Harvey has been vegan since 2016 after 20 years vegan.  This is partly out of respect for animals, but he also recognises the other benefits.

“This is a huge investment. At the individual It has power to increase quality of life at every category and to lower their risk in every category. At the macro level it has the power to revolutionise a nation.”

Days after the 24 hour win Harvey was commuting to his work as a teacher, running the 5 km each way.  He’s also looking forward to a Backyard race in Australia.  A new challenge is never far away.