Jack Lindquist


Jack Linquist is a professional track-racing cyclist who won his first race in 2007 when the 26 year old cycle messenger won the 2007 Puma Velocity race in New York City.  The win entitled him to a place in international competition, and he soon joined the U.S. National Developmental team.  He’s known for his rise through the ranks from the humble bike messenger to one of the leading cyclists in the country.  Jack is also known for his distinctive piston tattoos on his calves.

  • International cycling competitor
  • Nine race victories
  • Rapid rise from cycle messenger to recognised competitor

He has nine race victories in his career.  Career highlights include:


  • 2007 Puma Velocity – 2nd place Los Angeles and Chicago 1st place New York
  • 2007 Cycle Courier World Championship – 25th main race
  • 2008 Mash Drop Race (Griffith Park) – 1st
  • 2008 Wolfpack Tunnel Sprints – 1st
  • 2008 Cycle Courier World Championship – main race finalist


  • 2009 Elite National Track Champs – 13th Madison
  • 2010 Elite National Track Champs – 11th Kilo, 12th Keirin, 7th Team Sprint, 4th Team Pursuit
  • 2010 Elite State Track Championships – 1st Keirin, 1st Kilo, 2nd Sprints, 3rd Team Sprint, 2nd Team Pursuit
  • 2010 Masters State Track Championships – 1st Kilo, Team Pursuit, Points Race, Sprints, Scratch
  • 2011 Elite National Track Championships-4th Team Sprint, 8th Kilo, 11th Keirin

Jack has been vegan since 2005

“It was truly a ‘eureka’ moment.  I had a bunch of friends that were vegan while I still ate meat and dairy. I have always been a bit of an environmentalist, walking or riding my bike instead of driving, etc, and after talking with them for a bit, and realizing how horribly my current habits affected the planet and animals, which I’ve always loved, I went vegan overnight….A friend asked me what the difference was between my dog, The Reverend, and a cow. I didn’t have an answer, and that was that. I had a lot of friends that are vegan, including a nutritionist and registered dietician, so that helped me a lot.”

He hasn’t looked back since

“I feel that my vegan diet allows me to recover quicker than I would on a similar, meat based diet. I have more energy, and can get back on my feet quicker, and with less soreness after a particularly brutal workout.”

“When other cyclists, find out that I don’t eat meat they are usually a little shocked. I don’t ‘look vegan’; I’m not skinny and lethargic,  and I’m muscular and well proportioned.”

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