Cam Awesome


Cam Awesome is a super heavyweight and heavyweight American amateur boxer with numerous titles. 

“I started boxing in 2005” he explained “I wanted to lose weight and get into better shape.”  Since then he has made great progress. At age 20 he won the 2008 USA National Championships in the Super Heavyweight division, which he repeated in 2010.  He was the National Golden Gloves Champion in both 2009 & 2011 and in 2012 he became the Olympic Team Trials Super Heavyweight Champion.  He fought in the National PAL Championships and won them all for three years (2009/10/11) and also won the Ringside Worlds Tournament in the same years.

In 2013 he won the Arnold Classic Super Heavyweight title and USA National Elite Men’s 201 lb+ title.  He won the Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions. He’s travelled with the US team to Puerto Rico and Chile, reaching the final of the Continental Championships where he lost the final on a split decision and left the tournament ranked fourth globally.

  • Thirteen national titles
  • International tournament winner multiple times
  • Winner of US Olympic trials

Recently the 6 ft 3 inch 99kg Super Heavyweight was described as ‘Ali-like’, and by 2014 had won eleven national titles.

“My biggest achievement personally is being ranked #1 in the country and representing the USA in international competition.” he told us.

Finding veganism

In June 2012 Cam started looking into diet with the help of his trainer Bill Mackey and Bill’s wife Ami.

“They taught me the importance of eating right and how it can benefit my boxing career. I went vegan ‘cold Toforkey’.  Bill and Ami came to my house every Sunday for ‘vegan cookathon day’. We made about 7 plant based Engine 2 compliant dishes that would last me all week.”

It has been successful and Cam is now an outspoken supporter of a vegan diet.  His website is and he is open about the benefits it brought him.

Just before the Continental Championships he told us: “since being plant based, I am 23-0, winning 3 International Golds and 2 National tournaments and can thank my new lifestyle.”

It’s something the national team have noticed, and others are trying it to lose and maintain weight.

Continuing success

In January 2013 he defended his national title successfully (read more here).  This was his 11th national title.

In February 2014 he won an international Gold after competing in the Dominican Republic, where he also heped America bring home the team trophy (read more here).

Two months later he competed in Poland in the Felix Stamm tournement, which he won – also winning the Oustanding Technical Boxer award (read more here).

In May 2014 Cam boxed at the National Golden Gloves.  He won four times to reach the final, which he lost in a split decision, to finish second. (read more here)

Two weeks later he won his third international Gold of the year in Puerto Rico (read more here).

In July 2014 he beat three Mexican boxers in Mexico to win Gold at the Pan American Olympic Festival (read more here), and weeks later he fought in the World Ringside Championships (read more here).

In October 2014 he fought in the international Leszek Drogosz tournament in Poland and won Gold (read more here).

Cam was a finalist in Vegan Athlete of the Year 2014.

In June 2015 he qualified for the Olympic Trials following attempts to box at two different weights (read more here).  In early 2016 he competed in the trials and won them (read more here).  After a later loss he did not qualify for the Olympics which was higely disappointing, although in December 2016 he won his fifth USA Boxing National title – this time at heavyweight (read more here). His fourth Golden Gloves title was won in 2017 (read more here).

In 2019 he announced he was aiming to represent Trinidad & Tobago in the Olympics and fought in their nationals, winning (more here).

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