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These athletes were raised on a vegetarian diet and have all since become vegan.

Alex Gladley runner vegetarian from birth

Alex is a UK-based marathon runner with placings at some of the top events in his home nation and abroad. While he has tackled distances as short as 5000 meters, his prowess truly shines in the full 26.2-mile marathon distance.

Kristen Santos-Griswold vegetarian from birth winter sports world #1

Kristen Santos-Griswold is a speed skater who has competed at the Olympics, world championships and more.

Sandeep Kumar runner vegetarian from birth

Sandeep Kumar is a leading ultra trail and mountain runner in India. He tackles some of the toughest course, recording remarkable times and taking numerous victories.

Nimai Delgado bodybuilder vegetarian from birth

Nimai grew up in Mississippi raised by Argentinian-immigrant Hare Krishna parents. He has been vegetarian since birth, initially for religious reasons, and has never eaten meat

Kuntal Joisher climber vegetarian from birth

Kuntal is an Indian mountaineer who has pushed the boundaries in his sport with some amazing climbs.

Nigel Morton powerlifter strong vegan vegetarian from birth

Nigel is a powerlifter whose enthusiasm for his sport has led him to train others as well as compete.  His training has brought him national success with some amazing lifts.

Tammy Fry Kelly fighter vegetarian from birth

Tammy Fry Kelly is well known both for her business activities and her achievements in sport.

Cody Elkins racquetball player vegetarian from birth

With a supportive family who love sport Cody Elkins has become a noted vegan athlete at an early age.

Tia Blanco surfer vegetarian from birth

Tia Blanco has been a successful surfer for many years and has achieved international recognition very early in life.  She is a member of the American surfing team and has won several surfing tournaments.  

Mirko Buchwald fighter vegetarian from birth

Mirko Buchwald is one of the most respected instructors of Goju Ryu Karate and has studied the art for over 30 years.  He is a 6th Degree Black Belt and chief instructor of the San Francisco Goju Ryu Karate Centre.  

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