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The most important thing you can do to help GVA is to spread the word about vegan sporting excellence!

Things you can do

If you think you can help further, then contact us. We’re a friendly bunch.

Visit our store

We now have two online stores where you can shop for Great Vegan Athletes merchandise.  If you’re in North America you can shop from a range of training tops, hoodies and T shirts here, and for Europe, see your store here. Both suppliers are sustainable and non sweatshop because we think that’s important. Here’s more information on the ethics of our European supplier Teemill.

Here’s a video from Teemill.

Our North American supplier Design by Humans makes the following statement:

Design By Humans is committed to making the highest quality products in the marketplace. Every garment that we craft is printed in California using environmentally friendly phthalate-free, water-based inks. Design by Humans only uses t-shirt blanks that are guaranteed to be sweatshop and child labor free

If you’d like to volunteer to help us open stores elsewhere in the world then feel free to get in touch.

A thanks for our supporters

Various organisations help us bring you more elite vegan athlete news.

Dotwise, for example, kindly donate some tools to help us with our search engine rankings. If you’re looking for help with your own SEO or any other digital marketing stuff, consider talking to them.