Borja Perez Batet, vegan runner

Borja Ignacio Perez Batet is a multisport athlete from Spain who competes internationally.  He’s competed in the European and World Duathlon Championships, taking the 30-34 age group World title in 2016.

  • World and European Duathlon Championships duathlon competitor
  • World Age Group Duathlon Champion, 2016
  • San Silvestre Vellcana Amateur winner

Borja has also run 10k in an extremely competitive 29:25. Read More... “Borja Perez Batet, vegan runner”

Neil Robertson, vegan snooker player

Neil is a former World Champion player who has topped the international snooker rankings.  He is also one of the best known and highest achieving players in snooker.

The Australian left hander turner professional in the 2006/7 season.  He was already known in Australia, having become the youngest player to make a century break in an Australian ranking tournament at age 14.  Read More... “Neil Robertson, vegan snooker player”

Michaela Copenhaver, vegan rower

Michaela Copenhaver is an American rower competing in the Lightweight division.

She started rowing in 2003 and continued at University where she competed at two National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championships and one Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) championship.

In her senior year she set a Sprints course record and won an IRA silver medal as stroke seat of the lightweight varsity eight. Read More... “Michaela Copenhaver, vegan rower”

Dustin Watten, vegan volleyball player

Dustin Watten is a member of the US national volleyball team. He is now an established member of the team and has travelled with them to high-level competition, helping them towards team successes.

Dustin has been vegan since 2012 and as well as playing for his nation he has played in the Brazilian national league which is often considered the highest level national league. Read More... “Dustin Watten, vegan volleyball player”

Laura Kline, vegan duathlon competitor

Laura Kline is a multisport athlete from Pasadena, USA, best known for her success in Duathlon.  Duathlon is an endurance event which starts with a run, changes to cycling, then returns to running.

She participated in hockey, softball, basketball and boxing while at high school and college, then at age 26 started competing in the demanding sports of Duathlon and Triathlon.  Read More... “Laura Kline, vegan duathlon competitor”

Alexander Dargatz, vegan bodybuilder

Alex shot to fame in December 2005 when he won the World Champion Fitness title with WFF (World Fitness Federation). Five years before this he had become vegan in response to the cruelty of the animal food industries.

Although the motivation was “ethical, ecological, spiritual and healthy reasons (in that order)” Alex soon found that it was easy to find enjoyable food that worked with his strength objectives. Read More... “Alexander Dargatz, vegan bodybuilder”