Veteran vegan runs at the nationals

Veteran athlete Ellen Jaffe Jones returned to the US National Senior games and left with more excellent placings.

The retired investigative reporter does not shy away from challenges. She entered seven track events and was the only one to do so. She also took a place in the 4 x 100 metres relay.

“I’ve done this every National Senior Games and at the qualifiers” Ellen says. “They start at the County level and then the Florida State Senior Games. At state every year, I’ve also come in first in each event.”

Ellen’s results in the women’s 70-74 age category were:

  • 50 M 14th 11:69
  • 100M 12th 22:26
  • 200M 9th 46:62
  • 400M 10th 1:54
  • 800M 3rd Bronze 4:14:35
  • 1500M 6th 8:30:76
  • 4×100 M Relay 2nd Silver 1:33:50

Ellen is emphatic that her vegan diet is part of her running, and reflects on an exchange in 2011 with someone who commented on her vegan running top.

“He came up to me and went, ‘Yeah right…You can’t run or race on a vegan diet.’ “

Ellen started recording her successes and has since placed in 254 races of 5K or longer for her age group.

By contrast the CEO of Tofurkey recently wrote on her Facebook page:

What an inspiring and heroic journey you are on! I love reading about your mission to demonstrate the vitality of a vegan diet. Thank you for your pioneering work in the running community! Your story is both sexy and magazine cover worthy! Good luck and congrats on carrying on this noble mission.”


Ellen’s preparation has been affected by her busy day job. She’s been running 5k races, swimming and training on a tri-bike.

“I also did train a little at a hill in town that has an 11% grade.”

Ellen’s research has also shown her that training in a focused way rather than training excessively is often optimal for her age group so has been trying to do so.

She also mentioned “ usual routine of drinking 8 ounces of beet juice 30 minutes before a race.”

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