Vegan runs 333 km to be World Champion

Budjargal Byambaa is on top of the world after an incredible run at the world 48 hour championships.

The Mongolian vegan runner ran 333 km (207 miles) in the two-day non-stop event.   The event was in New Jersey USA on a 1.59 km paved course.

Budjargal has been vegan since January 2019, and more recently has shifted towards raw foods.  He has completed epic distances including winning the ten-day Sri Chinmoy race twice.  He has the course record for the Icarus Florida 6-day race and the national Mongolian 24 hour record.

Budjargal was followed by another vegan at the race.  Lisa DeVona ran 196 laps to finish second woman by just one lap.  Lisa has seventeen gender victories in ultramarathons since 2019.

“It was a great race and an awesome run!”  she says.

Budjargal’s profile

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