Vegan runner wins Milano Sanremo Ultra

Antonio di Manno has taken on some of the most exhausting footraces, and just added another to the list.

The Italian vegan runner has previously won the gruelling Last Survivor race. Earlier this year won the national 100 mile race.

He’s just returned to the Milano-Sanremo ultramarathon. The 175 mile race is the longest non-stop Ultramarathon in Europe. It crosses three Italian regions and 54 municipalities. The route includes Mount Turchino, bringing in plenty of height gain.

Antonio added to his 2021 win by taking a convincing victory. He finished in 34 hours 49 minutes, three hours 38 minutes ahead of second place. Only three runners finished in less than 40 hours.


Antonio turned vegan in 2015. “It was completely ethical motivation. I have decided and made the change overnight. Ethics for animals“ he says.

“I run to speak to the animals and I want to try to talk about veganism as much as possible” he says. Antonio ran with the ear tag of a rescued calf. The calf had died at a sanctuary.


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