Vegan powers to another national medal

Ramona Cadogan has taken bronze at the US Masters National weightlifting meet.

After competing nationally and internationally with success, Ramona has fought injury recently. In August 2021 she had a total ACL and medial meniscus tear on her right knee.

“I had only 4 months of training for this major competition to relearn weightlifting from scratch” she says. Competing in the age 50 category (71 kg) she successfully lifted 43 kg and 46 kg before attempting 49 kg which was a miss. In the Clean and Jerk, she lifted 55 kg and 59 kg before an attempt at 63 kg which didn’t work out.

This was her first competition of the year.

“It was a great feeling to start my first competition of the year on the right foot” she says.

“Let’s keep freaking going!”

Ramona stopped eating meat in 2000 and went vegan in 2006. She has competed successfully in the US and internationally, notably taking two Golds and a Silver in the Pan Am Masters. She’s taken Silver at the Pan Am Masters World Cup.

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