Vegan lifts his best to top World Championships

Getting to a World Powerlifting Championships is an achievement in itself, and after success in the US, vegan lifter Nick Squires crossed the Atlantic to take on further challenges in the IPL Championships in Limerick, Ireland.

Despite the challenges of competing away from home and after travelling, he was clearly there to make an impression – and did that.

Competing for the first time overseas he set personal bests in squat and bench before hitting deadlift. Entering was an impressive personal best of 628 lb (285 kg), he smashed it with his second lift before beating it again with a 666.9lb (302.5 kg) lift.

His total of 1603.8lb (729.5 kg) gave him the win and a prized Gold medal in the 110 kg, open age category.

At 33 Nick still has more to aim for, and the animal-loving Californian will be using veganism as part of his strategy going forward, following the point at which he stopped watching Earthling after ten minutes and committed to the change.

He has no concerns about fuelling his ambitions.

“The only people who are adamant that veganism cannot translate to muscle building or strength gains are people who are newer to the sport” he says “or who don’t participate in strength sports in the first place. To be clear, it does catch people off guard when I first tell them, as most people haven’t met a vegan who looks like I do.”

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