UK vegans take long distance wins

UK runners will probably have seen the Vegan Runners vest at UK events. However, over recent weeks the membership boasts some successes at higher levels.

Member Dan Stent recently ran in the 54k Big Pilgrimage Ultra, taking first. The event covers trails and coastal paths near Southampton and saw Dan break the tape in just under 4 hours 37. The second runner trailed by 23 minutes.

Tom Page also collected a first, this time including wheels and water. Tom ran and won the Jurassic Extreme Ironman Triathlon. Known for its tough course, the cycle section alone includes 3000 metres of height gain.

Chris Kelly made it three winners with first at the Ridgeway Challenge 86 mile race. The win in 13:30:30 gave him first by a massive 49 minutes. The course took Chris through 138 km of historic trails.

Vegan Runners UK has grown from small beginnings in 2006 to one of the UK’s largest national running clubs. With over 3100 members, they welcome runners of all levels of ability. Members can often be seen at events from local 5 km park runs to the crazy long distance events like these.

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