Ten day running race has vegan winner

Vegan runner Budjargal Byambaa continued to represent Mongolia and veganism with a fantastic win in Arizona.

In a race spanning two calendar years, Budjargal faced ten days of running where the clock doesn’t stop.

The 39 year old competed in the ‘Across the Years’ Ultra on a 1686 metre (1.05 mile) course. He completed 659 laps, which was 1111 km (690.5 miles). The second-placed runner was 57 laps (96 km) behind.

This was Budjargal’s 9th race victory in top level ultramarathons.

He has been vegan since January 2019, motivated by improving his running. Budjargal eats a lot of fruit and nuts, and is a raw vegan. He sees running as a source of meditation and encourages others to explore running in this way.

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