Olympic delay forces changes for vegan athletes

The Olympics, planned for just a few months’ time, will now not go ahead this year, and will be rescheduled for 2021. The postponement means that plans will change for hundreds of athletes, including four hopeful vegans.

New plans

Australian Morgan Mitchell has been looking forward to representing her nation in the 400 metres for the second time, running individually and in the relay. Read More... “Olympic delay forces changes for vegan athletes”

Vegan powers to state record

Vegan powerlifter Nick Squires has broken the State record for deadlift in his home state of California.

Competing in the 100 kg, Open age group category, Nick lifted 295 kg (650.36 lb) to beat the previous record of 287.5 kg.

Leaving with the Gold medal for Deadlift and Silver for total (Benchpress, Squat and Deadlift), Nick came close to even greater things as technical errors failed some lifts including a squat 20lb above his previous personal best. Read More... “Vegan powers to state record”

Vegan strongwoman takes world record

Vegan strongwoman Kim Best has taken on a classic strength event – and broken the world record.  She now holds the world record for the greatest weight carried by a female athlete after carrying 350 kg in the yoke walk.

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Kim had competed at Scotland’s Strongest Woman last year where she broke the national record for the yoke walk and held it very briefly as it was broken again during the event. Read More... “Vegan strongwoman takes world record”

Snooker’s vegan thunder makes history (twice)

Australian potter Neil Robertson had sports writers flicking through the archive as her wrapped up the final of the European Masters in double quick time.

Taking the final 9 frames to nil meant that just one frame was played in the second session – and it was the first time a major two-session snooker final had been won without conceding a frame in the final since Steve Davis did the same in 1989. Read More... “Snooker’s vegan thunder makes history (twice)”

Vegan fighter takes world title no 9!

Veteran vegan fighter David Meyer has added to his incredible list of honours with a World title at the IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championships.  The achievement was even more impressive because the 56 year old fought in two categories.

Competing in Anaheim, California, he lost a close final to take bronze in his own weight category (medium heavy) as well as taking Gold in the Open weight category for his age bracket, Master 6. Read More... “Vegan fighter takes world title no 9!”

Vegan takes awesome national title

Cam Awesome has already had enough of a sports career to write a film plot.  He made paperwork errors which led to getting banned for missing a drug test – which scuppered his hopes for the 2012 Olympics.

Four years later he was vegan and had collected dozens of US national and international honours at heavyweight and superheavyweight – and was tipped for success in the 2016 games.  Read More... “Vegan takes awesome national title”

Vegan strongman’s challenge to 4 x World’s Strongest Man

Vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian has responded to 4 x World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw’s invitation to train together.  Shaw also invited Patrik to challenge the meat-eating American in a competitive lift.

The exchange was started when Shaw responded to a message on Shaw’s social media criticising Baboumian and asking Shaw to beat Patrik’s world records to quieten down the vegan buzz surrounding sports and veganism following the release of The Game Changers last month. Read More... “Vegan strongman’s challenge to 4 x World’s Strongest Man”