Meagan Duhamel at Skate Canada 2013

Meagan Duhamel and her skater partner Eric Radford returned to the international Skate Canada competition hoping to match last year’s amazing silver medal.


The pair are known for technically tight performances rather than high artistic scores.  After the first routine they were leading, having completed a triple twist and three elements at the difficult level four.  Read More... “Meagan Duhamel at Skate Canada 2013”

Fiona Oakes takes another step towards a World Record

Fiona travelled to Atlantic City USA for her 4th marathon in 7 weeks.


There were a few hitches on the way including confiscation of fruit supplies (US immigration does not permit fruit or vegetables to be brought in).  Later there was some extreme noise problems from adjoining rooms which was eventually solved by moving rooms but not after until there were only a few hours left to grab some sleep. Read More... “Fiona Oakes takes another step towards a World Record”

Tennis victory for Vicki Cosio

Tennis amateur Vicki Cosio travelled to Seattle to enter the Washington State Open National Senior Tournament in August.  She was an unseeded player in the women’s over 45s which meant she had a tough route to the final including matches against the 3rd and second seed, with the top seed waiting for her in the final.  Read More... “Tennis victory for Vicki Cosio”

Vegan win in the IOM marathon


‘Queen of the Extreme’ runner Fiona Oakes followed her Saharan and North Pole adventures with a relatively mild marathon in the Isle of Man (UK).  The pressure was off because it was just part of her attempt to complete a marathon on all continents plus the Arctic in a short period – the race time itself didn’t matter. Read More... “Vegan win in the IOM marathon”

Joni tries Highland Games!

Strongman Joni Purmonen has been continuing to compete and has just taken on two tough tournaments.


First was a more traditional strongman event which included the challenge of 28 degree heat.  It included competitors in the open weight category as well as Joni’s under 105kg weight range, all completing the same events. Read More... “Joni tries Highland Games!”

Fiona Oakes needs support

Fiona Oakes has already taken on some of the toughest events known to the running world.  She had run the Marathon des Sables in temperatures of 50 C and smashed the course record for the North Pole Marathon.


She does it to promote veganism and now desperately needs financial support to set a World Record for the time taken to run a marathon on all continents plus the polar ice cap.  Read More... “Fiona Oakes needs support”

Fell running success for Helen

Fell runner Helen Fines continues to excel in her demanding schedule of gruelling events.


In April of this year she ran the British Champions race in Northern Ireland and came away with a win. The series result is based on the best three results of four races, of which the Northern Irish race was the first, and featured 145 top athletes from the British Isles.  Read More... “Fell running success for Helen”

Mike wins AHL Man of the Year award

Ice hockey’s Mike Zigomanis has been awarded the prestigious Yanick Dupre AHL Man of the Year.


The award recognises community and charity activities among players and is the winner is selected by members of the AHL hockey league.


Mike, who plays for Toronto Maple Leafs is known for taking the time to meet fans at matches and community events such as school visits.  Read More... “Mike wins AHL Man of the Year award”

Ebdon makes history

Ebdon’s place in the World Championships means he has played in each tournament since 1992.


The only player beating this record is Stephen Hendry who has played in 27 successive events; Steve Davis also played 22 consecutive times.


Ebdon’s typical serious demeanor was broken recently during a televised match when he reminded us all he was vegan – see the video below. Read More... “Ebdon makes history”

Fiona Oakes runs in the Arctic marathon

Fiona spends her life caring for animals and currently cares almost singlehandedly for over two hundred dogs, horses, pigs, cats and sheep.  She is also dedicated to promoting the vegan diet, which has taken her to top marathons where she has won top places (including wins and course records), the fastest marathon inside the arctic circle and she has completed the Marathon des Sables across the Sahara desert, probably the toughest footrace in the world. Read More... “Fiona Oakes runs in the Arctic marathon”

National Silver for Emily

Emily Jans defended her national boxing title in February at the Australian National Boxing Championships.


Things started well with a 16:13 win which put the light welterweight in the final. The final was closely contended and Emily lost by the narrowest of margins with a 13:12 scoreline. Read More... “National Silver for Emily”

World Bronze for Meagan

Canadian Pairs skater Meagan Duhamel added to her impressive medal haul this year with a Bronze at the world Championships, and Canada’s first pairs medal since 2008.


The pairs skated a difficult routine as part of their ambition to make the podium this year following last year’s fifth.  Read More... “World Bronze for Meagan”