51 year old vegan wins in the Open category!

Age-defying SuzAnne Llano collected more honours as she competed at the NGA Open bodybuilding show.

The 51 year old vegan won in the Figure Masters and Figure Open categories.

The Masters category was for competitors aged 35+ so Suzanne faced younger women. In the Open there’s no age limit – and she won this too! Presumably her competitors didn’t share her secret weapon – veganism.

SuzAnne has been vegan since 2015. She was introduced to it by her partner Greg Moormann, also a Masters bodybuilder.

“My prime motivation was my health and longevity of life” she has previously explained. “After studying vegan nutrition and reading many books on the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet I was hooked on being the best version of me possible. That wasn’t possible if I were adding to the suffering and destruction.”

The two have become formidable competitors and have been almost impossible to match in their categories.

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