400 km course record for vegan runner

Raw vegan Budjargal Byambaa continued his winning ways with first place at the Jackpot 72-hour ultramarathon.

The three-day race sees runners compete for maximum distance. Budjargal completed an incredible 252 miles or 405.5 kilometres. The win was 26 miles ahead of the second male – a difference of one standard marathon.

This was the men’s course record for the event.

Budjargal has been vegan since 2019 after consulting a doctor about diet. He typically eats avocados, nuts and bananas during long-distance events.

He is also enthusiastic about the mental and spiritual aspects of running.

“Long distance running is different than any other type of running. It needs not only physical strength, it needs my inner strength. My thought about inner strength is, it is so powerful and it can give me much much more strength than the physical strength.”

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