2015 Review of the Year

In January pairs skater Meagan Duhamel entered the Canadian Nationals, having won the three previous titles. She took title number four in style with three points records, including the greatest ever total points haul. Read more here.







Ice was also part of the story for Heather Mills when she set records in no less than five winter events in her disability category. This helped to to make the finals of Vegan Athlete of the Year.









Soon afterwards Meagan Duhamel was in South Korea competing in the Four Continents, again taking Gold. Read more here.


Guinness orld record holder Fiona Oakes ran a marathon on each continent in an attempt to secure another record. She aimed for one each day and was on course to do so until weather conditions prevented travel to Antarctica to complete the last one. Read more here.







American rower Michaela Copenhaver surprised herself when she completed a rowing workout and was called to notify her that she had broken the world record with that row. Read more here.










February saw ultrarunning legend Catra Corbett compete in the Razorback 72 hour event. She won the women’s events and also beat all the men to be the overall winner. Read more here.







Vlad Ixel competed in The North Face 100km race in Hong Kong. He recorded one of numerous wins this year at this high profile event, which helped him qualify as a finalist for Vegan Athlete of the Year. Read more here.












In March Meagan was back on the ice for the World Championships where she and her partner took the Gold medal and became World Champions for the first time. Meagan became a finalist in Vegan Athlete of the Year.  Read more here.










Junior surfer Tia Blanco had a tournament win at the Ron Jon Jr.  Read more here. She also passed her 18th birthday and became a senior, competing successfully with the adults in Spain. Read more here.









There was a chance that, as 2015 started, paralympian David Smith would not be here at all as he faced extreme surgery for an aggressive genetic tumour. Months later he completed the ascent of the challenging Mont Ventoux on all three routes. Read more here.





UK TV viewers saw Tim Shieff take on the challenging assault course on UK Ninja Warrior. Few completed the tough courses, Tim impressed all with performances in the heat and Semi Final before becoming last man standing in the final. Read more here.





Eight months after his operation, David Smith competed for GB in Italy.  Read more here.


Retired footballer Neil Robinson took on a different type of challenge as he cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats (the length of Britain) in nine days with another vegan footballer and a vegan climber. Read more here.








Scott Jurek took on the 2189 mile Appalachian Trail aiming to break the 48 day record. Including extreme terrain and 160,000 metres of height gain, Scott faced weather and injury setbacks but still took the record.  Read more here.  He was later a finalist in Vegan Athlete of the Year, and was voted winner.






Denis Mikhalove broke the world 12 hour treadmill running record.







Strongman and powerlifter Patrik Baboumian made a comeback with a competition in Germany where he broke his own yoke walk record with a 555k yoke.  Read more here.






Dustin Watten joined the US team competing in the World Cup. The team went on to win the title and Dustin came back with a Gold medal. Read more here.







Veteran lifter Pat Reeves broke her own deadlift world record. Shortly afterwards she passed her 70th birthday and set a new world record in bench press. She was also a finalist in Vegan Athlete of the Year. Read more here.








In December US amateur boxing champion Cam Awesome competed at heavyweight, having experimented at super heavyweight and heavyweight. He took part in the Olympic trials where he won, convincingly qualifying for the Olympics.






Neil Robertson won the UK Snooker Championships, becoming the first player to record a maximum break in the final.


Meagan Duhamel won Silver at the World Grand Prix.


Vlad Ixel won another 100k trail race in extreme heat.



We were also proud to add fifteen new athletes to our site:

Ben Dame is an accomplished ultramarathon runner.

Shea West competes nationally at BMX in USA.

Tim Shieff is one of the world best freerunners.

David Smith is a paralympic Gold medallist.

Mika Ireste plays nationally in the tough sport of roller derby.

David Meyer is a multiple world champion in Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

Heather Mills is a world record holder in several Winter Olympic sports.

Tia Blanco is an internationally recognised surfer.

Damian Stoy is an accomplished ultradistance runner.

Neil Robertson is one of the most successful snooker players in the world.

Melody Schoenfeld is a powerlifter and strength athlete with a US powerlifting record.

Cody Elkins is our youngest athlete and world champion in racquetball.

Denis Mikhaylove is an ultramarathon runner and holds the world record for 12 hours treadmill running.

Auryn MacMillan is an Australian basketball player who has played in several national leagues.

Ariel Rosenfeld is the leading ultramarathon runner is Israel.


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