Michael Zigomanis, vegan ice hockey player

Mike Zigomanis raises his hockey stick to block

Michael Zigomanis, vegan ice hockey player

Ice hockey Pro

Michael has been a professional ice hockey player since 2001, and played regularly as a forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Marlies..

"Having terrific vision, soft hands and adept in a passing touch, and great skill on the faceoff, Zigomanis has molded his role as a third-line playmaker." (Wikipedia)

In 2011 he completed a move towards veganism. "I've gone full vegan this year[2011] and haven't really had much meat the last four years...I did a cleanse four years ago and It's kind of how it started."

  • Player in Canadian National League





In 2013 Mike was awarded AHL Man of the Year award.  This is awarded to players who have shown outstanding committment to community involvement. Read more here.

Coaches were concerned, although Michael surprised them all by explaining that he'd been ea ting very little meat for four years. His mother has joined him as a vegan.

Following a move to Rochester Americans for the 2013-4 season, Michael retired after playing fifty matches for them.


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