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Geoff Rowley is a skateboarder who has been professional since 1994 when he was 18. In that year he featured on the cover of Transworld Skateboard magazine and in 2000 was awarded ‘Skater of the Year’ by Thrasher magazine.

He is now a joint owner of Flip Skateboards. With this company he has produced skate videos “Sorry” (2002), “Really Sorry” (2003), and “Extremely Sorry” (2009). “Sorry” is arguably Rowley’s stand-out video part but both follow-up videos won “Transworld video of the year” and “Transworld team of the year” respectively. “Extremely Sorry” also won video and soundtrack of the year at the 2010 L.A. Film festival.

Geoff turned vegan after learning about the brutality of the animal farming industry. “My friend Martin gave me all these leaflets, about how they kill the chickens, and slaughterhouses. So I stopped eating meat, and since then it’s been a gradual road to being a vegan… It wasn’t particularly about animals, because I’d already been a vegetarian, but the rest of it, the dairy products, was just a progression for my health.”

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