Salim Stoudamire, vegan basketball player

Record-breaking basketball player, Salim Stoudamire, going in for a slamdunk

Salim is a professional basketball player who started playing for the Atlanta Hawks in 2005, soon making an impact on the sport. Prior to that he led his University team into a successful high profile college tournament where he famously scored a winning basket with less than two seconds remaining to win the title. He also broke the record for the three goal percentage record, as over 50% of his shorts from the three-point area scored.


In 2006 Salim decided to go vegan. "I've always wanted to be one because of health, but I never wanted to go eat by myself or have people talk about me. But I finally reached a point where I just didn't care what other people thought, and I didn't have a problem with eating alone."


Coaches were concerned that it would hinder his performance. Team managers weighed him daily, but soon left him to continue unmonitored when his weight stabilised and performances improved. "I lost 3 pounds, and I'm in better condition. My endurance has gone up, and I haven't gotten tired at all during the whole season."


Although there are health and sports aspects to his diet, Salim is also motivated by animal rights "I don't think you should eat something that had a mother. I don't think that's right."


Article on the vegan basketball player

Wall St Journal article (scroll down for Salim)

Salim in action:


Cris Iles-Wright

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