Tim Shieff, vegan freerunner

 Tim Shieff, vegan freerunner

Also known by his freerunning name ‘Livewire’, Tim Shieff is one of the best known and most successful athletes in freerunning and parkour.  In 2009 he was the World Champion after winning the Barclaycard World Freerun Championship.

In 2011 and 2012 he entered the American Ninja Warrior competition, and in 2014 he completed Stage One of the challenging course in 62 seconds, convincingly beating the existing record by ten seconds.  He was also captain of Team Europe and led the team to victory.   His videos have been viewed millions of times on You Tube, showing amazing agility and training.  In 2011 he was the Red Bull Art of Motion Champion.

In 2015 he entered Ninja Warrior UK and was the only person to complete the second course in the final, but was narrowly beaten by the clock (read more here).  In 2018 he competed again and set a course record in the first round, going on to win the series as Last man Standing (read more here).

He’s also been the subject of some high profile stunts and displays, including the famous nude leaping around the tall buildings of London (link below).

  • Barclaycard World Freerun Champion, 2009
  • American Ninja Warrior Course record holder and team captain
  • Consistent leading competitor on UK Ninja Warrior







Finding vegan

After trying vegetarianism Tim turned vegan in September 2012 after watching a talk by Gary Yourofsky.  Tim observed that many people are motivated to try veganism for health or the environment, then accept the arguments in respect of animal abuse later.  “For me I saw that and straight away felt like I'd woken from a trance, of course we promote kindness and compassion and being nice to others to our kids but when it comes to animals there is a huge hypocrisy in our society and I am not one to live in denial once I see the truth.”

Since then he has enjoyed the transition, and particularly enjoys sweet potatoes and hummus, saying “I would struggle some days without them!”

Like many vegan athletes, opinions have not always been positive, although this is unlikely to discourage Tim.  “People have their input, often nutritionists and other 'experts' think its not prime for optimum strength etc but I always say even if I'm weaker or less of an athlete I'm grateful for everything I have and to think 5% more strength is worth the death and enslavements of hundreds is ego at its finest work. But I actually feel stronger and more efficient anyway. There's more to life/nutrition then science currently knows, that’s for sure.”

As well as continuing to amaze with his freerunning skills, Tim has experimented with running and has enjoyed running trails and mountains.  “I want to promote the vegan message more, it's far more important than anything else right now so I'll continue to spread the awareness about living in alignment with all of our beliefs about not being cruel to animals.”

"With what I've learned about showing gratitude for life I couldn't live with myself if I was to support taking that or the freedom of the planet from others."


Tim shows some amazing skills (Youtube)


American Ninja Record course record (video)


Naked freerunning in London


Tim's YouTube channel



twitter/instagram: @timothyshieff

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