Robert dos Remedios, vegan strength coach

Former football player and trainer, Robert dos Remedios, smiles at the gym

Robert dos Remedios, vegan strength coach

Vegan Power!

Coach dos was a professional American Football player until 1988, when he became a full time trainer. He writes for Men's Health magazine regularly, and his book 'Men's Health Power Training' was released in 2007 and became a bestseller. He has since had 'Men's Health Cardio Strength Training' published.

Robert turned vegan in late 1990 aged 24. "It was actually a pretty big eureka moment" he said. "After watching and reading John Robbins 'Diet for a New America' I made a conscious decision to never hurt animals for my own greed ever again. From that day forward my goal was to prove to the world that we don't need to eat animals or any animal products in order to thrive."

Less easy times

Although in 1990 there were less vegan products and supplements, Robert stuck with his principles and was extremely successful both as a coach and in terms of his own strength and fitness. "At 45 I have yet to find many people capable of keeping up with me for training sessions. I train 5-6 days a week, mostly cardio strength-style and play around with lots of training tools like sandbags, olympic lifts, TRX, kettlebells etc. I completed a TGU with a 160lb. man and when dabbling in my Olympic lifts I regularly hang clean, push press well over 110-120kgs."

Robert trained students, many of who have previously had little exposure to veganism, and are surprised to find that Coach Dos is vegan. "Most are completely shocked simply due to my size and strength."

"Guess what, guys? You can get jacked and strong as hell without ever eating a single animal products."

"I’ve been a vegan for over 20 years, so to me all that thing about protein and meat and muscle building, I honestly think it’s a fantasy that people make up in their mind that it’s impossible to build muscle as a vegan."  (from his podcast)

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