Peter Ebdon, vegan snooker player

Peter Ebdon readies his pool cue to make a shot

Peter Ebdon, vegan snooker player

Hot-shot Ebdon

Peter Ebdon has been a snooker professional since 1991. He attracted attention by beating former world champion Steve Davis 10-4 in the 1992 World Championship and was awarded WPBSA Young Player of the Year award that year.

In 1993 he won the Grand Prix and by 1996 was ranked #3 internationally.  In 2002 he won the World Championship, beating Stephen Hendry 18-17 in the final. He won the UK championship in 2006, becoming only the 9th person ever to have won the UK and World Championship. In 2009 he won the China Open.

At mid 2016 he has won nine ranking tournaments and been runner up eight times.

  • 2002 World Champion
  • Qualified for 22 consecutive World Championships
  • Known for his intese concentration of committment to fitness







He is the second player to have made two competitive maximum 147 breaks in professional tournament play, which he achieved in 1992. In the same year, he became the first player to make four centuries in five frames.  In 2013 he qualified for the World Championships, making it 22 finals in a row.  This is the joint second most of any player in history (read more here).

Peter is known for his concentration and determination and a strict fitness programme. He swims one mile a day and eats low levels of sugars and carbs.  This commitment to his health has led him to a vegan diet.

Finding veganism

“I’ve been vegan for almost five months and it's made a huge difference,” Ebdon told BBC Sport. “My concentration and focus is good and the diet is a big part of that.”


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Some of his best shots


Peter shouts 'vegan power' in a match



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