Keith Holmes, vegan boxer

Vegan boxer, Keith Holmes, holds up two of his championship belts

Keith Holmes, vegan boxer

World champion

Keith Holmes started his professional career in 1989 aged 20.

In 1996 he won the World WBC Middleweight Title from Quincy Taylor, and defended it twice before losing in 1998. The following year he got a rematch against the new champion which he won, regaining the title. Again, he defended it twice, before losing to Bernard Hopkins.

The Southpaw fought on past his 40th birthday. His record shows 41 wins from 46 matches. He scored 25 knock outs, suffering none. Keith now concentrates on music, and forging positive attitudes in the tough community he grew up in. His website describes him as a 'devout vegan'.


New York Times wrote: "It is true that he is a vegan. A typical lunch for him consists of a millet casserole with salad and sprouts or battered tofu sandwiches. The average boxer does not eat such a meal... 'It's helped me to eat healthy,' said Holmes, who is 35-2 with 23 knockouts. 'It helps me get my wind quicker between rounds. It'll help me win the title.' "


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Keith (white trunk) defends his world title


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