Mirko Buchwald, vegan karate expert

Karate champion, Mirko Buchwald, demonstrates excellent form at an event

As one of the leading instructors internationally in karate, GVA were pleased to feature Mirko. Sensei Buchwald has won and retained the British karate title and now resides in America as leading teaching assistant to the world cheif instructor in Goju Rya Karate. His family have been vegetarian for many years and Mirko is a life long vegetarian who believes in avoiding harm to animals.

James Southwood

James Southwood throws a high kick and displays awesome form

James is an instructor, British Champion and former World bronze medallist in Savate, a French kick-punch ring sport. He is the 2011 British champion and a leading instructor in the french martial art. James is also a lifelong vegetarian and turned vegan as a teenager. He teaches in a South London dojo and continues to compete internationally.


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