Second gold for Meagan!

Reigning Canadian Pairs  Figure Skating champions Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford took to the ice in Ontario this month to defend their national Gold.  Meagan, who was recently nominated as Vegan Athlete of the Year 2012 told her partner it would be easier to defend the title than it was to win it first last year.


These words proved a little inaccurate as the contest proved very hard fought with some excellent performances put in by rival pairs.  


Before Duhamel & Radford took to the ice rivals Moscovitch and Lawrence had completed an outstanding performance which left them with a standing ovation from the audience and a score which broke 200 points, the goals of all top level pairs skaters.


The defending champions responded with an excellent execution of a difficult routine which left them with a score o 206.63, the highest ever in Canadian history.


The tension on starting their second programme was particularly tense for the pair, as Eric was close friends with Dylan Moscovith, and the standing ovation showed the quality of their performance.


“We heard everything,” Duhamel said. “I was stroking around out there, the crowd was standing, screaming for their scores ….This is what happens when you have two world-class (teams). They push each other. I don't know if we would've skated that amazing if they hadn't pushed us to our limit. Those scores are top of the world.”


Although still only 27, this is the sixth consecutive time that Meagan has won a national medal.   From 2008-10 she won two bronzes and a silver with Craig Buntin, while her pairing with Radford has earned her a silver in 2011 and now two golds.


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